God bless us, everyone.

A Christmas Carol is often in my thoughts, and on my TV at this time of year. This particular version is my favorite as well. Stay tuned for more thoughts inspired by this classic song…

jonathan powers


Since a child, my favorite Christmas movie has been the 1984 made-for-TV version of A Christmas Carol starring George C. Scott as the role of Ebenezer Scrooge. There is a song that was written specifically for the movie, reflecting upon many of the themes addressed within the original story by Charles Dickens. The song never found much popularity outside of the film, but I believe its words are poignant and convicting. As I read them this morning, they brought me to tears. The challenge of the words remain appropriate to us today, even as they were to Scrooge in his day. 

God Bless Us Everyone
(Music by Nick Bicat, lyrics by Tony Bicat)
The past of man is cold as ice:
He would not mend his ways.
He strove for silver in his heart
And gold in all his days.
His reason weak, his anger sharp,
And sorrow…

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